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Quality VS. Quantity

Remember when you were in high school, and the value of a dollar seemed so much more valuable? Having more than ten dollars in your hand made you feel like you were hot stuff. Do you also remember how your parents would buy your clothes for you, especially during the ‘back-to-school’ season? Considering that the season is creeping up upon us, I found myself wondering about my clothes (shocker, right?) But, more importantly I found myself really considering how my tastes have changed over the years, and how I value the quality vs. quantity.

Growing up, my mom and I would hit up all the local thrift stores almost every Saturday morning. I remember looking through all the childrens’ clothes and picking out armfuls of clothing to try on. At that point in life all I really cared about was the quantity of clothing I was getting, rather than how well it would last. During childhood this way of thinking is perfectly acceptable considering the fact that kids grow like weeds and they’ll wear and tear through clothes outrageously fast. As we grow up we come to realize that how long an item of clothing lasts increasingly outweighs having a more generous quantity. However, there are always exceptions to this rule. For example: items like leggings, undershirts, and other every day basics are always useful in a big quantity because you use them on a regular basis and they are always available. Things to invest more money in are work clothes, boots, and jeans. When you invest more money into quality items (the RIGHT kind of quality) the difference is extremely noticeable. Quality jeans usually have a much better fit, and the material is more forgiving and durable. If you’re like me and generally fin jeans to be uncomfortable, you will notice a huge difference between bulk made jeans, and high quality jeans.

Another area to focus on are work clothes. If you are lucky enough to find yourself employed in a full time job during this jobless time it is important to keep your work clothes up to date, and comfortable. Think about it this way: you wear these clothes everyday and the way you look represents your entire company. If you look disheveled, or heaven forbid, cheap, you wont be taken seriously. Being overlooked means missed opportunities, and we do not want that to happen.

Now, here’s the part where money really comes into play. Most of us young folk are really struggling for money these days. Paying for rent, food, and fun activities take up more than enough of our monthly budget. Adding in money for clothes seems almost impossible, especially if we’re aiming to buy the good stuff. The best advice I can give you is only buy what you truly need. I know, I know, this seems like common knowledge, but stores like to lure you in with display windows and over-advertised bland sales. Don’t be fooled or wrangled into these traps! really plan out exactly what you need to buy, and save up for it. Also, don’t buy it unless it is perfect! I used to find myself settling for half-decent items when I should have just been waiting for the perfect piece to add to my wardrobe. Styles are always changing and expanding, and stores are always coming out with new designs and new fits that will suit your needs perfectly. If you have strong control then do not be afraid to shop the sale room. Sometimes you can find the most awesome deals on stuff you’ve been looking for, for what seems like forever. However, it is very easy to be swindled into buying some cheap item that you don’t really need. Also, do not be consumed with brand names. Not everyone looks good with “Juicy” written across their butt (Juicy Couture). Flashing brands is still not a classy things in my room. Be respectful of what you’re buying, and if someone happens to ask you what brand it is don’t be afraid to bust out the brand name! There’s a difference between being flashy, and being classy.

Written by: Kailyn Wolf

Getting Ready!

As I sit here in my backyard on the old wooden bench that is a grayish color from too many sun drenched summers in California, I think about how much time I put into getting ready for the day (picking out my outfit, doing my makeup, etc.). Now, I know that I’m not the only woman in the world that spends a decent amount of time getting ready in the morning, I’m just taking a few extra minutes to really ponder WHY all of this preparation and fretting is so necessary? Here I shall insert a little disclaimer stating that this blog is not going to become some superbly deep psychoanalytical study as to why women care about the way they look. I will try and keep this as lighthearted and simple as I possibly can. Because the bottom line is: people care about the way they look and the way that other people perceive them. Shocker, right?

Caring about the way you look doesn’t have to be some narcissistic characteristic, instead it can be justified by wanting to be taken seriously. I take this idea from the classic show “What Not To Wear” on TLC starring Clinton Kelly and Stacey London. This fashionably comedic duo shows people how dressing well doesn’t have to be some narcissistic characteristic, but instead helps show personality and abilities through the way you look. If you wear grungy clothes, or put no effort in putting yourself together then people might perceive you as something you’re not.They might think you are lazy, even when you are highly proactive. They might mistake you for an amateur even though you are a highly trained professional. The bottom line is that people do indeed judge a book by the cover, and first impressions are hard to break.

Growing up I was always a tomboy. I wore soccer shorts and a ponytail to school everyday. I never wanted to be perceived as girly, because I thought that it meant being weak. Now, as an adult, I love wearing makeup, dresses, and getting ready in the morning. Looking back on my childhood days, I guess I didn’t really know where I belonged. I didn’t have a style, or a true inclination where I wanted to go with my life. Now that I have established my own personal style I find that more doors are opened to me because I am put together. I present myself in a stylish and pulled-together way so that if a person has a first impression of me, hopefully it will be a positive one.

Now, I know that nowadays men and women are subjected to a certain bodily standard that they must achieve. For the purpose of this fashion blog I will concentrate on what women are subjected to (sorry fellas!). Ever heard of the recent fad the “thigh gap”? According to the most recent trends having a nice gap in between your thighs signifies a sense of beauty. What…? This fascination with being thin, or striving to have the perfectly toned tummy, or having a thigh gap looms on the point of ridiculousness. Now,I will admit to wanting to be thinner or more toned, but i am lucky enough to naturally be at a perfectly reasonable height and weight. As I’m maturing I find myself becoming more and more accepting of my body the way it is, and ignoring these perfect celebrity images that I am confronted with.

It’s strange to think that our ideal images of what we should look like come from strangers that we see on the internet, or in movies, or in magazines. Imagine taking a picture of the next person you sit next to and idealizing their body. ‘Gosh, if only I could have your perfectly formed upper lip and cheek bones.’ how ridiculous does that seem? Nowadays, I find that my body and all it’s quirks is completely unique to me, and me alone. No one in the world will have the same shape that I do, and that’s awesome. How I dress and present myself is also completely unique, and I should learn to appreciate that if I see someone wearing an awesome outfit, but I think that it wont look as good on me, I can always replicate it in my own way. Personal style is a way of expressing yourself, and you shouldn’t be afraid to take risks or step out of the box. Who knows, your daring look might even inspire someone else to step out their comfort zone.

Written by: Kailyn Wolf

What’s in Your Purse?

A friend of mine recently asked me what I had in my purse. You see, she was in charge of coming up with games for a friends bridal shower. One of the games involved reviewing a list of common items that women might carry around in their purse. Whoever had the most items from the list in their purse won the game. The items on the list ranged from cell phone, to band aids, and even condoms! This got me to thinking about what we carry around in our purse. When you think about all the different sizes and shapes of purses it’s hard to imagine what every woman deems to be important enough to carry on their shoulders throughout the day. So let’s examine this shall we: let’s do a little investigation of what’s in the depths of our purses…

For me, no matter what purse (how small or how big) I always carry my phone, keys, chap stick, drivers license, debit card, and AAA card. I feel like these are my basic purse necessities for everyday life (and bobby pins!!!). I don’t really have big purses, they’re all medium sized, but I can fit A LOT of crap into them. I usually always carry a plethora of lady products in my purse because my motto is it’s always better to be safe than sorry, and I’m proud to say that I’ve saved a couple of my friends/co-workers butts along the way. Also, I usually always have a snack in my purse. Shopping can be a strenuous activity! It’s always good to have a little pick-me-up in your bag instead of buying a questionably cooked snack at the mall. Some unwanted remnants in my purse consist of crumbs, lot’s of unnecessary receipts, and my boyfriends odds and ends that he asks me to hold onto (like a sunglass case). Some of the more creative (and useful) objects that I have in my purse are: lotion, nail file, band aids, and hair ties. I feel like the nail file should become a necessary because I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve broken a nail at work and had to try and avoid it snagging on everything.

I asked some of my family, friends, and coworkers what they carry around in their purses and some of the answers were surprising. A common answer was a cell phone charger. I am stuck in the stone age and do not have a smart phone, so my phone battery can last a couple days without dying. However, everyone else I know has to deal with a dying phone, and carrying around a charger just seems like the logical thing to do. A couple items my Mom is notorious for carrying around is Orbit’s Bubble mint gum, lipstick, and a packet of almonds. My oldest sister always has a pressed powder compact, deodorant, and tea. My middle sister always carries around extra poop bags for her dog. I even met a woman that carried around her passport at all times because she sincerely believed there would be a day where she would have to flee the country at a moment’s notice.

A lot of my co-workers are students and therefore carried around notepads, pens, and even laptops(or tablets). One co-worker even had a giant biology textbooks crammed in her bag. Asking all of my friends about what was in their purse really widened my perspective on what is truly important to a woman on a regular basis. If you were my Grandma you would have black licorice and a small sewing kit in your bag. If you were a young mom you might have a baby bottle and goldfish crackers tucked away inside of your purse. In my opinion, the list can go on and on as to what is important to carry with you every day. For every different woman, there are different necessities.

To sum things up, all this talk has got me thinking into reevaluating what I carry with me in my purse (and also to clean it out). If I am going to carry around a 5 pound bag of crap with me at all times I want it to at least be filled with stuff that I can use on a day to day basis. I am lucky enough to live in a town where pepper spray or such items are not needed to be carried around, however a few friends at school carried it around when they would walk back from night classes.

Hopefully after all this talk about the contents of your purse will get you to take a gander into yours. Think about what is really important, and what is just for fun. If you’re like me, your purse can get really heavy and weigh you down. Take the time to think about what’s in your purse, and how often you use it. Maybe you’ll find yourself taking out more than you’re keeping.

Written by: Kailyn Wolf

How to Work With What You Got

Ever look into your closet and think to yourself “I have absolutely nothing to wear,”? Women tend to go through phases in their fashionable world where they are consumed by fabulous finds and good thing deals, and the next day they are having a panic attack because they are so sick of the bland clothing that hangs lifeless in the closet. I myself am guilty of this. I find myself trying to conserve money and stop clothes shopping, but within a few days I am sore tired of my boring clothing that I end up wearing sweats rather than that old dress that I wear to work every week.

However, since we are not all millionaires, we cannot go shopping for new wardrobes at our leisure. You have to learn to work with what you got. Consequently, fashion trends seem to be leaning towards rethinking the clothes that exist in your closet. It’s time to rethink that old leather jacket and tweed skirt, and find new ways to make them modern, cool, and fashionable. The good news is that it is a lot easier than you might think. One tip is to pick a piece from your closet (a skirt, or shirt) and try and pair it with something you’ve never worn with it before. Mixing prints, patterns, and colors may seem like a scary thing, but fear not my friend, wonderful await for those who aren’t afraid to take a chance. Ever heard of a thing called color blocking? Well, it’s a fashion trend that always seems to peak come summer, and it’s all about pairing different chunks of color together in one outfit. Trying something new like color blocking or mixing bold patterns help to liven up a closet that might seem boring, but there are unknown possibilities.

Another aspect of spicing up what you’ve got, is by learning how to accessorize. Adding a scarf or necklace can help define an outfit. A string of pearls can help classy up an otherwise boring outfit, and a chunky necklace can help funk-ify a casual everyday outfit. Another idea is to add a scarf, news flash: scarves aren’t just for winter attire! Adding a scarf to an outfit is a great way to classy up a cozy outfit. There are even helpful videos on YouTube that show you how to tie scarves in easy and intricate ways. Another common winter-only outfit maker is the classic bootie (a short boot). Most people think that booties can only be worn with pants, but there are so many possibilities! Try donning booties with a cool pair of tights, or pair them with a flowing shirt and floppy hat.

Your outfit can be defined by the accessories you add to it. Adding some cat eye sunglasses and polka dots can retro-ify almost any outfit, whereas adding some oversized sunglasses and bangles can give you the hippie vibe you were feeling. But don’t get caught up in the stages of overdoing it. To paraphrase what Coco Chanel once said, before you leave the house take off one piece of jewelry, that way you’ll never over do it. Remember that you’re style is indeed your own. Don’t be afraid to look for inspirations, but in the end your eye for style and personal taste will make any outfit your own work of art.

Written by: Kailyn Wolf

Has Online Shopping Trumped in Store Shopping?

In our modern age it seems that everything of importance can be found using the internet. We can locate long lost relatives, find jobs, and even tweet at out our friends. Perhaps one of the most astounding features that the internet offers us is that we can buy anything on the web, and I mean anything. With all the world’s shopping resources at your fingertips it’s hard not getting carried away. Especially in the United States, online shopping is at a peak, which is easily understandable considering that our motto is “make it easy.” City life for Americans is full of hustle and bustle, with little to no down time. Online shopping is useful because you can buy anything you want anywhere (with the use of an electronic device and a credit card). With so many different shopping sites and the ability to compare prices (and even use discount codes), online shopping can seem a bit overwhelming, but it doesn’t take away from the overall thrill of shopping your heart out all from the comfort of your home.

One of my favorite aspects of online shopping is after you have purchased something and are waiting for it to come in the mail. The anticipation is sickeningly sweet, and even though you find yourself checking your front porch every hour, you wouldn’t give up that thrill for anything. Because, when that box finally arrives you get the goose bumps as you tear open the tape and behold your online treasure. You are now holding the holy grail from your online shopping adventure (cue Indiana Jones theme song). However, this feeling can be overshadowed by another: disappointment. Oftentimes when you receive your package the contents aren’t exactly what you were expecting for many reasons: it’s damaged, the wrong size, the wrong color, etc. That’s why you should only buy from a reputable source (like My New Find!) that has good customer service, and doesn’t try to trick you through false advertisement.

Online shopping is addicting because it’s so easy, which can also be a dangerous habit. Typing in your card number takes about 5 seconds but can do hundreds of dollars of damage in the same amount of time. This is why I argue that online shopping will never undermine regular shopping where you actually see the light of day and go to a store. With store shopping you have the ability to restrain yourself. Sometimes long lines, crowds are a good thing because they give you extra time to really ponder your prospective purchase and decide if you really need it. Also, the actual act of swiping your card or handing over cash makes the purchase all the more relevant. Perhaps physically handing over your hard earned money will make you want to spend less. Also, if you ever need to return something it’s a quick drive away rather than having to send it back and possibly have to pay for return shipping.

The thrills and chills of online shopping can be both mesmerizing, and monotonous. For these reasons and more I argue that store/window shopping will always trump online shopping. However, sometimes a good online binge is what you need, or perhaps you have your eye on something unique that can only be found on the abyss of the inter-web. Whatever the reason, shop with care whether it’s out and about, or in the comfort of your home.

Written by: Kailyn Wolf

Why Are We Loco for Boho?

Beauty. Freedom. Truth. Love.

These words embody the Bohemian lifestyle. There’s something so enticing, so exotic about the lush colors and bold patterns that house bohemian ideals. For years now it seems as though bohemian culture and style has crept into our modern society. In today’s time, we might have different names for it. Bohemianism is defined as “social unconventionality,” a more modern way to describe bohemian influence is that of the ever popular “hipster,” or “hippie” But, however you describe it, bohemian style has a very clear and noticeable presence in the fashion world, and has for some time.

So, the big question is why? Right off the bat the previously mentioned colors and patterns are hard to ignore, as are the materials. Lavish crochets, beads, feathers, and metals are staples in the bohemian fashion trend. Festival wear has become heavily influenced by boho styles. From the timid bohemians wearing cutoff shorts and crochet tops, to the hardcore bohemians wearing flowing skirts and headdresses it’s hard not to look around whilst at Coachella, Burning Man, or even in the city and not see bohemian style trends. The flowing fabrics urge its wearer to feel free and unique.

Celebrities also have a huge impact on launching bohemian style trends. Vanessa Hudgens could be said to be the poster child for boho, as she dons many colorful outfits at music festivals. Everything from her long braided hair to her sandal clad feet give a bohemian aura.

One of the most unique aspects of boho is that it never goes out of style. With each year of different trends, boho always has a home in the fashion industry. From high end to thrift shop finds, you can always score an awesome boho piece. In some instances boho takes on a more sophisticated edge, for instance when shopping in a store like Anthropologie. The whole store is designed to sell to a young, successful, classy woman. Even though the prices are a little steep, they always have some boho inspired pieces and even house wares. Especially in the summer, boho pieces are always easy to find, and the wonderful thing about boho is that the look is so versatile.

Boho is an inspiring fashion trend because it urges people to think differently. This style is all about creativity and thinking outside the box. There are no set rules for what you can and can’t wear. Don’t be afraid to mix bold colors and patterns, or to layer on the jewelry. Boho has no rules or boundaries which is why it is so appealing to our fast paced society. Remember: beauty, freedom, truth, and love are the key ingredients to the perfect bohemian style. With these 4 empowering traits on your mind explore the world of boho, and don’t be afraid to take risks.

Let your inner goddess shine bright; go boho!

Written by: Kailyn Wolf

Free People: Review of The Americana Store

It’s a sweltering, hot summer day, and I’m longing for a cool getaway. Swollen feet pound the burnt pavement, searching for relief. Suddenly I am intrigued by a store window. Earthy tones tingle my senses, and bohemian floral patterns whisk me away. I am hooked. I must enter, and when I do I am relieved to find a world of pure natural essence, and hippie loving haute couture. I’ve just entered Free People at The Americana in Glendale, California.

The store front windows are clean and chic, and a few mannequins grace the entrance urging you to step foot into the store. That is one of the things I admire most about Free People; the store doesn’t yell at you to come in through gaudy displays, it cordially invites you to step in. I should tell you upfront that the Free People I visited today is currently under a makeover, and so the store seemed a bit haphazard. However, even though the dressing rooms are pop-up dividers with colorful patterned tapestries, the store still retains its bohemian chic essence. Since the store is under construction, it is a bit tight, using industrial lamps to light the store. The floors have a rustic look to them with long gray planks of wood lining the sales floor.
There were 2 sales associates working when I arrived, and both seemed preoccupied with maintaining the store, rather than the customers. I perused the store with ease, and was able to soak in all the summer colors and lacy fabrics. For those of you that are unfamiliar with Free People, its style lends itself to a young, free loving woman. In fact, if you go to the Free People website, they tell you that their audience is a “26-year-old girl, smart, creative, confident and comfortable in all aspects of her being, free and adventurous, sweet to tough to tomboy to romantic. A girl who likes to keep busy and push life to its limits, with traveling and hanging out and everything in between.” To this I add, that the brand is not simply clothes on your back, it is a lifestyle. Free People allows you to model your clothes through your free loving spirit. Spirit and love seem to be oozing from every article of clothing/jewelry in the store. It appears in the floral, or crochet patterns on the maxi dresses, or in the frayed edges of lightweight summer tees. It would seem that the clothes in the store exist for one purpose: to fill your life with ease. All of the fabrics are soft to the touch, and each tiny detail, from bead to buckle, has a purpose.

One of the more unique, and collage friendly, attributes that Free People provides is a (free) magazine, filled with all the breezy summer looks you have dreamt about. I admire all of the outfits that grace the covers of Free People’s seasonal magazine; however some garments are geared for certain body types which may not suit everyone. Some of the clothes are not meant for the lovely women with curves, which is unfortunate. I believe that this is something that maybe Free People could change in the future; opening up their store to a wider range of women. Because let’s face it, we can’t all be thin with a cute bubble butt and surf toned legs.

I was surprised to find that Free People had such a large and extremely cute collection of underwear. I am a woman who appreciates fine undergarments, and I have to say that some of Free People’s definitely caught my eye with lacey designs and interesting bra features (like crisscross racer backs, and unlined lace bras). Overall, there were some really unique and gorgeous designs. I also enjoy their jewelry, which contains an ethereal essence with earth tones and gems. The jewelry can be combined with almost anything, whether complimenting your work or beach outfit there’s something for you.

Overall, I think Free People is a fantastic store. Some of the items are overpriced, or a bit out of my reach, but if you’re like me (and you like a good deal) there is always something for you. A lot of their clothing could be called statement pieces, in which you save up a bit in order to get that fabulous dress, or that complementing shirt.

As for my final review, I would give my experience a 7 out of 10, only taking away points for customer service. I wish the customer service had been more attentive, but since the store was undergoing remodeling, I’m sure they are preoccupied with keeping their disheveled store as tidy as possible in its current condition. The store still has an excellent collection and knows how to present its products to attract the rabid bohemian lover.

Written by: Kailyn Wolf

Super Mom to the Rescue!

So, it’s Mother’s Day again. A day where Mothers are actually given the appreciation they deserve for all their hard work. Throughout the years I have noticed a huge change in that way that Mother’s Day is celebrated. When I was a child, Mother’s Day was spent going to church in matching dresses and singing the corny “A Mother’s Love” song that compares love to wings of a dove…needless to say that the song no longer has a kindred place in my heart.

Nowadays, Mother’s Day is celebrated by treating your Mom to brunch at the local hotspot, and giving her gift certificates for manicures. We show our appreciation for our Mothers by allowing them to relax for one whole day out of the year. It’s confounding to think that we only have one day out of the year to celebrate our Mothers, when in fact they gave us life. They carried our lecherous bodies around for 9 months, waiting for the day that they could hold us in their arms and call us their own. In reality, we should be thanking our Mothers every day for what they have given us: life, and for what they have taught us: everything.

On Mother’s Day I am reminded of all the little things my mom has done for me over the years to show her love. How she wouldn’t let me walk alone to school, or how she would write me lunch notes every day even during high school. At the time, all these things and more seemed silly, but now it all seems terribly sad that I didn’t appreciate them while I had the chance. So, I guess what I would like for all of us to give our Mothers this Mother’s Day is recognition for all that they have done for us. I’m sure she also wouldn’t mind a giant bouquet of pink roses, but I think more than anything she would appreciate being given due for all of those sleepless nights cradling you while you cried over spilt milk, stupid lovers, and school finals. So, give your Mommy a big hug this weekend, and thank her for being your own, personal Super Mom.

Written by: Kailyn Wolf

My New Summer Dresses: Look Hot While Staying Cool

Summer time and the livin’ is easy. This beautiful line reminds us that in the few precious months of summer life progresses at a slower pace, and we are immediately drenched in sun rays, beach days, and outdoor living.

In the wintertime you can always add on more layers to protect you from the cold. However, in the summertime you can only take off so many layers of clothing before you border a line of indecency. So, the big question is: what can you wear during warmer weather that will keep looking and feeling cool?

One of the first things that come to mind is a dress. The dress is the holy grail of women’s clothing because it is easy, breezy, and there are so many different dress silhouettes (shift, drop waist, A-line, shirtwaist, etc.). But the key objective about a dress is that it is ONE singular item. Seems like an obvious statement, but what I mean by this is that when picking out an outfit that involves the dress, all you need is the dress. You don’t have to pick out a matching top, or pants that actually fit well rather than giving you a muffin-top. Every woman should have at least one light-weight, brightly colored summer dress you can shimmy on when the weather is boiling outside. Because odds are you’ll feel cool in a hot dress.

Another fun factor about summer dresses is that there is a dress for any occasion. Need a dress for a girls’ night out? No problem. Need a dress for an interview? Piece of cake. Also, simple dresses can be incredibly versatile by mixing and matching jewelry, shoes, even changing up your perfume can give the dress an entirely new aura.

Personally, I believe that one of the best feelings in the world is when you step into a new dress. Immediately you become enveloped in the world of this fantastic dress and what it can be combined with to fit any occasion. If I add a belt I can wear it to work! If I add some tights I can wear it in the winter! Not to mention that dresses are fabulous for when you are stuck in traffic on your way to work in 99 degree weather, because you will not arrive to the workplace with a lovely sweat band around your waist from your wool work pants. Instead your legs will enjoy a sun kissed caress from a cool summer breeze.

There’s a reason why the saying goes “dress to impress.” A dress is perfect for any occasion; it’s easy, simple, and elegant. It’s time to toss aside those under-butt bearing, high-waist cut-off shorts you’ve been donning since Coachella. Time to cover up those buns and try something a little more classic. Choose your good friend: the dress.

Written by: Kailyn Wolf

My New Ways A Shopaholic Can Stay Wealthy

Are you suffering from clinical shopaholism? Do you find yourself tweeting hashtag shopaholic? Or maybe you are currently searching a desk drawer next to you for some loose change. In any case, it’s time to admit you have a problem. It may not be deadly, but it will certainly kill your bank account. Today, however, you can start changing your ways by taking the road to recovery. Here are our tips to combat this “disease”:

When you see that dress that makes your heart stop, just remember that it’s like having an elementary school crush. You think it’s the greatest thing in the world and you think you know…but you don’t know. Try to keep perspective in those spell-binding moments.

Fight your cravings by shopping in your own closet. You never know what gems might be hiding that you forgot about. Who knows, maybe there’s some old things in there that still have their price tags attached so it may even mimic a real shopping experience!

See if your item can pass the TEST. Develop a sequence of questions to ask yourself about any garment you are interested in before you buy. Questions such as, “What can I wear this with?” “Am I really going to wear this more than once?” “Is the feather look really for me?”

Go shopping with a plan in mind of what you want to buy. A grocery list, if you will. With that image firmly established in your mind, you will be less likely to be swayed by the whims of Anthropologie’s or Free People’s perfectly assembled mannequins.

Leave the credit and debit cards at home. If you go shopping with cash only, you’ll limit the damage from the get-go. Plus, handing over cash feels more like you’re giving up real money versus virtual money. Besides, if you’re a shopaholic, your cards need some R&R.

Go ahead. Go to your favorite store online and add everything you absolutely love to your shopping cart. Then go to checkout. The total amount will scare your away from shopping the rest of the day, guaranteed.

DIY tutorials are popular for a reason. They’re a great money saver and another remedy for your shopaholic tendencies. It’s a fun and satisfying hobby, and you can create couture designs for a fraction of the “Milan price.” The best part about making your clothes is that it is really, really time-consuming, which leaves less time for racking up debt at the mall.

Don’t make excuses for those 3-year-old items that have been hanging in the closet, never worn or never seen. If it hasn’t been worn by now, it probably never will. Use these items to resell for good value back. If it is new, then it’s worth something to someone else.

Lastly, never shoplift clothes to save money. Winona Ryder tried to do this and look what happened to her career afterwards. Ironically, the legal fees and lost wages you will end up with will be far more costly than what you thought you would have saved in the first place.

Follow these simple tips, and hopefully, you’ll be cured!

Written by: Ariel Oye & Nived Ravikumar