Make it YOUR new find.

My name is Ariel and I started My New Find.

To give you a little background about My New Find, I started selling my mom’s clothing on Ebay in 2012 after graduating from college. While having trouble finding a job, like many other people I knew just coming out of college, I spent more and more of my time selling my mom’s clothes. Looking up to big sellers like BHFO and Linda’s Stuff, I felt inspired to incorporate my love for clothing into my own career and to offer others struggling in the economy to also do something they love. 

As of April 2014, while my mom has decided to partner up with me, we continue to use Ebay as our selling platform. Generally, we like to provide beautiful in-style clothing, new and used, for all types of women. Soon we will be extending our products to men as well. With your support, we will continue to grow our selection. Don’t hesitate to let us know what kinds of styles YOU like, we’ll make this the perfect store for ya!

We are not set out to be a company who is out to steal your money. I have personally always wanted an easy shopping experience when I am looking for something or even just browsing. In the past, we have taken many people’s requests and have delivered with the items they were specifically looking for. Customers were amazed at our determination to satisfy. With free shipping, you won’t just get a shirt stuffed in a bag. We take great care of every individual item, as if they were our own. You can trust us, and you can’t say that for many people out there!



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